We Have Drake’s Mom to Thank for DJ Paul’s “Talk Up” Production

Finally, after days of harping, I have my chance to write an entire article about Scorpion high point “Summer Games.”

Actually, no. Apologies. For now, we will discuss how DJ Paul landed on the Drake and JAY-Z collab “Talk Up.” In an article published Friday that peculiarly makes no mention of Paul’s Three 6 Mafia legacy, TMZ attributed the connection to Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham.

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30 thoughts on “We Have Drake’s Mom to Thank for DJ Paul’s “Talk Up” Production

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  2. Y'all really stay riding Drake's dick….n I'm talking about everyone in the world basically. I'm not saying he's a bad artist cause he's not but damn…. literally everyone is jacking this dude off. His lyrics can do better. The old Drake now that was the guy. This Drake knows he can say and do any n everything n everyone will love it. Smh let him challenge his self again. Rant.

  3. This song wasn't really that lit nigga one good line from jay an that's about it yall niggas be getting hyped over trash an i love how everybody all the sudden forgot drake got his light skinned ass flamed the fuck up lmao

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