We Spoke to Van Lathan, the TMZ Producer Who Challenged Kanye’s Slavery Comments

In the past week, Kanye West fans have felt a whirlwind of emotions. He tweeted a photo of himself wearing a MAGA hat, a separate photo of one autographed by Trump himself, shared album release dates for like 20 different artists, and talked about seemingly whatever popped up into his head at any given moment. You might find yourself either trying to defend his behavior, rationalizing the things he’s saying, shutting him off completely, or just not giving a fuck. However, for most fans, the emotion most likely felt in the wake of Kanye’s return to the public eye is disappointment.

Yesterday, after releasing a somewhat coherent, nearly two-hour interview with Charlamagne the God (or the new Oprah, as Kanye referred to him), he went on TMZ and said things like, hey, maybe slavery was a choice and that people don’t march against gang violence in Chicago—which is incorrect.

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23 thoughts on “We Spoke to Van Lathan, the TMZ Producer Who Challenged Kanye’s Slavery Comments

  1. love how Van was given a fact and he was like fuck your facts! i'm all emotions. Don't listen to what actually hurts the black community because others might hear it and use it against us.

  2. Have y'all seen this movie silence… where .. instead of killing an English priest the Japanese gov force him to denounce Jesus Christ in front of Japanese people who had been converted from Buddhism to Christianity… ? Kanye West just might be an English priest..

  3. Was it a choice for little black girls to get raped and beaten by old WHITE men who hated black skin? Was it a choice for all of those innocent black people walking down the street back then to get ran over out the blue? Was it a choice for all the mothers and fathers, brothers and sister's back then to get burned to ashes by those clan pussies? Of course it was a choice!!! But it was the white mans choice to do that. Black people didn't have a choice back then mothafuka. What kind of shit is that to say. Like come on, All those people who were murdered, raped beaten down for no reason other than the fact that they had black skin or dark brown skin did not have a choice, it wasnt all in their heads that shit was really going down like that. Fuck that shit. In 2018 black people aren't alone anymore foo.. We the Non Racist people of the world got they're back and thats a mixture of a whole lotta down ass people who will fuck you up fast. Try that shit again and see what happens. Dumb ass Kanye saying that dumb shit was a choice that black people made is he stupid wtf. Now eat your shit and enjoy it.

  4. Are you black people excelling in science, maths, technology, business, industries (like every other race in America)? The building blocks of society. If not and you’re critiquing Kanye for his statements, then you haven’t gotten the picture.

  5. Tell the truth he f#%k up…People have to stop pretending this man is sane when he's clearly out of his mind. The Kardashian Koolaid has taken him to new levels of insanity. Someone send this man to a treatment centre in the woods for at least a year…he can spend his time putting out new music…needs to be out of the public eye..he's insane he's not a genius ..none of his rants make any sense…and I wonder if he's even coherent…its pathetic…A famous black men going downhill fast…whether he meant it in a malicious manner….in this day and age…he is doing some serious harm… I can't stand him…and I'm a fan…(well I was)…Black man in the states Are looked upon in such a negative light… and he reinforces it…Harvey you have done so much damage by encouraging this sick man to continue with incoherent rant…to raise your slumping ratings… You're just as pathetic

  6. Van took this moment to become sufficient.ive never seen van act like this,taking a stand all of a Sudden against another black man.proves Kanye is sane-if Harvey says something he's just gone sit down and be quiet.van you are the slave!and still choosing to be mentally enslaved.

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