Wesley Johnson on People’s Savage Reaction to James Harden Crossover

On Feb. 28, Houston Rockets guard and MVP front-runner James Harden pulled off one of the plays of the 2017-18 NBA season when he crossed up Clippers guard Wesley Johnson. Some dubbed it “the crossover of the year.”

Poor Wesley Johnson. The dude was just out here trying to play defense when he got ethered by the most dynamic isolation player in the NBA. Adding to Johnson’s misery: after Harden crossed him up, the Beard stepped

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34 thoughts on “Wesley Johnson on People’s Savage Reaction to James Harden Crossover

  1. I’m pretty sure dudes love her because she’s the only classy person in Complex and she doesn’t dress like a thot. Not gonna lie that’s attractive as hell to myself included

  2. Nnnaaaaah ……that "TO ME ANYWAY" ain't so so bad, to me it looked like he was trying to HOP BACK !!! towards HARDEN …..and lost his footing, it don't look like his "ankles got broken "…..so to speak. It's like in boxing when there's a "PUSH and a SLIP " and the crowd reacts, this just that and nothing else…….period.

  3. People who label this as a "savage crossover" are clueless. At best, it was a hesitation/push-off and Johnson lost his footing. Look to some of Iverson's highlight reels to see actual "savage crossovers".

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