What Does Tekashi 6ix9ine Do Now?

With the embattled snitch still facing sentencing and seemingly turning down witness protection, what does 6ix9ine’s future actually look like?

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39 thoughts on “What Does Tekashi 6ix9ine Do Now?

  1. Honestly you can call him a „snitch“. Fuck those guys… catch um in his story and Tell me why he should be cool about them?
    Let’s see him do this. I’ll support him.

  2. Look you might think that its the right thing to make him vanish but think about it , He changed people's lives and made people into a better person and he wasn't snitching he was telling the truth and he was scared so of course it came out of his mouth like tf u would do the same and he changed my life and i really want to meet him and he inspires me alot😭😭😭😭💓💓💓💓💔💔💔💔I really want him back

  3. 2020 pal, think ur the stupid one, kids going to be bigger than B4, different times to them of 2pac n biggie. Ain't knw real mad men knw more lv, all shit scared of FBI oh yh and 6ix9ine getting out lol. He's going to have some ex Army security and all that, 50 pence n all them not getting near enough, if was even about that life still.

  4. Dude asking is just wack. We do not care that he snitched/cooperated. He should be rewarded and teach against gangs. I hope he takes your job. That would be amazing/extraordinary.

  5. It took a whole year and 1500 dollars to remove my knuckle tattoos that ive had for 7 years. I went to a plastic surgeon who had the picosure machine. There is discoloration to my skin(its lighter) and you can still see some ink spots that didnt come out fully. If people really fucking think that this dumb fuck can get these tattoos removed.. well you all are just as dumb as takeashit69

  6. I hate to say it but this guy is gonna get out and make hits. Most people in the entertainment industry ain’t street hood and most of his fans aren’t street hood either so why should they care. Btw y’all act like no other rapper or celebrity has snitched too. Puffy snitched on shyne. TI took the stand and even paperwork on snoop! In the 90’s he definitely would’ve been done with but 2020’s unfortunately anything goes now.

  7. Its funny how the world teaches you to be honest and then shits on you for telling the truth….HAHA….So its ok to tell someone what jims uncle bobs nieces nephew is doing but not ok for someone with a reputation to leak information? Go figure. Hypocrites everywhere. I feel like the world never stops snitching lol. Just on different levels, but people are naive and do not see it that way. Gotta love the brain wash. So fresh and so clean.

  8. Hes gonna come back bigger than before…Simple as that. The heat on him i doubt is gonna be as deep as its been made. People forget n stop caring quickly. All he needs is one bangin track. The world is filled with followers not leaders.

  9. These shitty ass journalists always taking jabs at 69 better get it outta their system now cause when he comes back they’re gonna be all on his dick again.

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