What Happens If the NBA Season is Cancelled?

As the NBA and the world at large continues to deal with the deadly global pandemic, there is some doubt if the NBA season will resume. If the season is canceled… what exactly is the fallout?

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21 thoughts on “What Happens If the NBA Season is Cancelled?

  1. Honestly I don’t care about the nba this isn’t the time for this shit are u pple that fuking dense are u pple . Besides when the corona virus blows over months from now don’t u think pple will go to games theirs going to be a boom

  2. Here's my prediction, season goes straight to playoffs around June-July. By early September at the latest NBA champ is crowned. Draft held a week after Finals end. FA week later. Summer League and team workouts start around Halloween. Around Thanksgiving teams are in training camp.

  3. It would be nice if they continued the NBA season but with the start of the playoffs on close stadiums or practice facilities. But even if that happens the NBA is going to lose so much money from tickets sales and merchandise. Not only that but is going to effect the salary cap on free agents and the bonuses on players for next season. I think that they should just cancel the entire season, because we dont know how long this epidemic is going to last

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