What We Know About Texas High School Shooting That Has Left 8 Dead

Police responded to reports of shots fired at Sante Fe High School near Houston, Texas on Friday morning. At least eight people are dead, the majority of which are students. More are injured, but the exact number is currently unknown. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters that two students have been placed in custody, one of which is the suspected shooter and another a person of interest.

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44 thoughts on “What We Know About Texas High School Shooting That Has Left 8 Dead

  1. By the time my kids go to school hopefully segregation came back or we’ve moved to an all nigga neighborhood ain’t nobody got time for that shit. Understandably neighborhoods can be bad but the schools this shit is unheard of before 1999 damn near smh 🧐🤨.

  2. Don’t worry NRA got this. Most texans will be in their memory and hearts blah blah. yeah to guns lovers and supporters, hope your love ones are not one of the victims this time, who know s maybe in a couple weeks? yeah don’t fear terrorists anymore, fellow Americans are doing the killing to themselves. Go! get more guns.

  3. Oh right build the wall now you see no matter if you trying keep others from coming to this country you still have it hear with in your own people and race it doesn't matter where you go ..

  4. White kid with a Greek sounding name rather than a Muslim. Alex Jones and the rest of the Right-Wing will be screaming about 'false-flags', 'fake news hoax', and 'NWO plot to take our guns' in about 3, 2, 1….

  5. Experts say to never do a fire drill during a shooting cause that only gives the shooter more of an advantage to kill more. Well guess what shooters are going to do now before a shoot out? Yeah pull the fire alarm.

  6. "This is America", where the lives of our future leaders, are thrown away like there worthless. While the weapons of murder in Chicago, Florida and now Texas are protected and nicely and put away with a red cloth.

  7. school shooters are just doing this for attention. Media gives school shootings and shooters a huge platform to stand on, giving them fame and attention. Now its just a competition on who can beat the other shooters high score and gain the most popularity

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