What We Learned From O.J. Simpson’s Lost 2006 Interview

On Sunday, Fox aired the two-hour special O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?, which was based on a recently discovered interview from 2006. In his discussion with former HarperCollins publisher Judith Regan, Simpson talks about his roller coaster of a relationship with ex-wife Nicole Brown. The sit-down was meant to be in conjunction with his book, If I Did It, however, it never saw the light of day until today.

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49 thoughts on “What We Learned From O.J. Simpson’s Lost 2006 Interview

  1. Y’all ain’t listen to that shit right try watching it again without the programming from Fox’s “professional analyst squad” and yes I agree the hypotheticals just plain stupid from OJ whether he did it or not, but see from this and a clearer recording of that first 911 call from Nicole and what OJ was yelling in the background , tied in with the restaurant and new friends and activities Nicole was involved in… even him yelling I told you so, which you’ll find out isn’t something he wasn’t saying only after she died, you might see a different story. Or shit maybe it’s just me

  2. I still think he didn’t personally do it, but that he KNOWS for sure who did do it.

    He figured because of his celebrity he wouldn’t get convicted and he was right, annnnnd he should have walked on that “Wrongful Death Civil Suit” seeing that he was acquitted in the criminal case for the murders.

  3. The real crime is that fox took over a decade to show this viral video!! Fox News?!! Pfft more like Fox accomplice!! Seriously Why the Fuck did it take 12 yrs for this video to be shown!! That in itself should be questioned

  4. OJ is much like most other sociopaths, he thinks he can outsmart anyone in an interview, which is why he agreed to do it.
    He thought he could shape everyone's opinion, and ended up tripping himself up throughout the entire interview.
    While there were MANY obvious points where people could tell he is guilty, the thing that stood out the most to me came at the very end.
    He admitted to going to Nicole's grave and yelling at her in ANGER. This was confirmed by Nicole's friend on the panel, and the reason it stood out to me wasn't just the sheer selfishness of Simpson's bizarre decision to reveal his anger so long after her murder, but the fact that he felt any anger at ALL.
    Why was he treating her as if she DESERVED to be a murder victim? Surely an innocent person would never blame the victim of a murder unless he KNEW exactly why she was murdered. Who would know WHY she was murdered other than the murderer HIMSELF?
    His "I told you so!" rant at her grave site could only mean that he killed her, and was still angry at her for making him do it.
    If he was truly innocent, he would simply feel sadness that she was killed, and would NOT assume that she did anything to deserve it.
    He is a hideous human being, and anyone who still defends him should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. I'm no detective but let me tell you what I think. first of all once he heard about the killing he took off in his Bronco with money and refuse to pull over for hours. 2. not once did he ever show any sign of distraught never cried either the guy is not human and has no emotion or the motherfuckers guilty as hell only two options. 3 after the verdict he went golfing and smiled and took interviews and once again never showed any emotion this is the mother of his kids that was brutally slaughtered

  6. ant it strange, we know who tamair rice, phelodo castill and many many many more!!!, we know who their killers are!!! and they got off, got back on their jobs and got back pay!!! no mystery there!! but some how no movies, no documentary, no continued media coverage ant that strange!!??

  7. Who gives a fuck this shit already happened ages ago if he killed them or not it doesn’t matter anymore America is retarded would it really surprise anyone if he admitted to it ?? Let it go already either ways you look at it the American judicial system is trash he can’t be retried and as everyone of you know if you have enough money you can get away with anything here simple as that jail is for dumb broke people aka 90% of America

  8. If oj was white and sails this was hypothetical this would be a non issue lol… But since he's black this is considered his confession… I don't care if he did it or not it happened when i was like 2 or 3… That fact is he stated if he had did it this is how it might have happened… The title isn't this is how it really happened.

  9. Like Chris Rock said (which somehow mysteriously been scrubbed off the internet) "if your wife was hanging with mobsters, blowing guys in your mansion, and had random white guys around your kids driving your cars and people where calling your phone cause your wife didn't pay her 10k a month coke habit…..what would you do?"

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