2 thoughts on “What we learned from Rams win over Cowboys? | Good Morning Football Today

  1. They say Goff’s not ready 13-3 my friends 👫
    They not giving LA the credit they deserve
    If the Rams can run it like last week
    It’ll quiet the crown and LA will go to the big game
    I think they can do it if they commit 100% and don’t fall behind early and NEED to pass- Although they can surely do that as that’s what’s carried them all year
    Rams gotta score 30 and the D gotta show like last week
    Offense can’t carry the load

  2. Now the Cowboys can watch the Rams win the Super Bowl in February on Jerry's 250 million dollar boat!!! LOL!!! Do you think he remembered to get a big screen TV put on that tuna boat?? I bet he did and it is a color one.

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