What’s ASAP Rocky’s Music Rollout Plan About?

ASAP Rocky is back with another one.

Just days after he delivered “5IVE STAR$” and “ABOVE,” the Harlem rapper came through with a new track called “Money Bags Freestyle.” The song was shared on AWGE’s official Soundcloud account Thursday night and was paired with the updated cover art for his upcoming album (presumably called Dummie).

The song’s description read: “THIS IS A TEST,” just like the descriptions of the previously released tracks. The Dummie title and bright yellow cover art are obvious references to crash dummy tests, which led many fans to wonder if these cuts were, in fact, official singles, or if Rocky was simply “testing” out a new sound. The rapper later took to Instagram to clear up the confusion: “What five star and above were #dummies #asaprocky #ThatsWhyTheyreFree.”

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25 thoughts on “What’s ASAP Rocky’s Music Rollout Plan About?

  1. This might be like that one garbage ass Kid Cudi album "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" where he really just experimented with different sounds and didn't actually make music. That's the feeling that I'm getting. Might needa wait a little longer for some real Rocky.

  2. Rocky is 100% is Underrated bro but As a fan of Rocky I myself can tell you that there’s a reason bro. He drops music and Dips for like 2-3 years. Bro Rocky’s last album was in 2015.. it’s 2018 Lmaoooo IT’S STILL FLACKO SZN THOUGH *BTW THESE SONGS DROPPED ARE LIKE DUMMIE SONGS THEY NOT REAL SONGS THEY TOO SHORT FOR IT

  3. Its no doubt that he's underrated. Just look how Kendrick, Drake, J Cole are getting more attention for years when Rocky does stuff that nobody did. Hope new album will open the world how big Rocky is.

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