What’s Next for Lonzo Ball & Big Baller Brand?

The scandal involving Lonzo Ball and the Big Baller Brand continues to make waves in the realm of basketball and sneakers. With a ton of layers and the possibility of legal action, we take a look at the timeline of Big Baller Brand and Lonzo’s next move.

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37 thoughts on “What’s Next for Lonzo Ball & Big Baller Brand?

  1. smh that must feel terrible you coulda had your own nikes and a nice check as a rookie but your father made you create a brand so he could profit from it. now basically no one wears bbb shoes but you coulda potentially had the whole hood in your shoes if you went to a real brand

  2. I rock with Lavar and the big baller brand no matter what…. but i need to hear from Alan Foster before i believe anything….. WHY? is my question…. what is this big baller brand is done nonsense….. they hoping he fail….smh

  3. Lmao i fucking called that shit !! Was I the only one that wasn’t blind to that stupidity ? Or were all y’all really that gullible .. 😂😂😂 smh

  4. I could never understand the media’s love for Lavar Ball. That guy is a fucking psycho and is ruining his sons lives. Lonzo had a chance to be a solid starting point guard in the league but his inane dickhead father is ruining everything. This whole concept would fail and if you were dumb enough to drop 500 on a pair of Brand Blacks with BBB written on them, then you deserve to be scammed. The whole Ball thing, what a fucking joke

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