White Family Charged in Deaths of 2 Black Men Found Chained to Cinderblocks

Brett Boettler, 16, is facing first and second-degree murder charges in the deaths of two black men whose dismembered bodies were found chained to cinderblocks, while his family all face accessory charges in a reported “gun sale gone bad,” The Associated Press reports. Alize Smith and Jarron Moreland’s bodies were found dismembered in an Oklahoma City pond after being reported missing for four days.

While Boettler, along with his brother Kevin Garcia-Boettler, mother Crystal Boettler and her boyfriend Johnny Barker are all white, authorities say the crime was not racially motivated.

“We definitely explored that, and the evidence absolutely shows that this was not racially motivated,” said Cleveland County prosecutor Greg Mashburn.

The murders are still part of many conversations across social media comparing them to lynchings.

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43 thoughts on “White Family Charged in Deaths of 2 Black Men Found Chained to Cinderblocks

  1. This is why black people should segregate themselves from white people. Integration was the worst thing that happened for black people. This cause the destruction of black businesses, family and black identity.

  2. Sick twisted bastards. Their mother didn't raise them right. Why wasn't their dad in their lives? This step dad wasn't much of a role model. Not to mention how smart they were to not remove the victims cell phone.

  3. She's sort of hot, but kind of annoying Muted* Ahh… that's better.
    She should be bouncing on a trampoline while saying this shit, she'd get a ton more views or better yet just skip to porn. She's already faking the news, I'm sure she could fake an orgasm for the camera.

  4. See that鈥檚 bullshit, they kill us like it鈥檚 a game. Also I haven鈥檛 even seen this on the news, they hide the shit they want to hide.

  5. Why do complex doesn't post anything about black people killing white people sounds about bias there I know for a fact that other news don't want to cover that up cuz it make THEM look bad

  6. The best way of keeping in control of people is gaining control of their minds. Every day we hear about white people killing black people or doing something wrong to black people. When will we hear or see a news headline of a black person that killed a white person. When will we hear about a black cop that killed a white civilian. We better be woke and realize this thing is somehow a mind game. Everyday we are conditioned to be under control. Do not be affected by negativity. 鉁岎煆

  7. NOPE…. The brother set this up and use the little brother as a pawn knowing that juveniles get lesser time but the court's should and would make an example out of these assholes

  8. They didn't just hide the bodies. 馃棧 They dismembered them!!! It's one thing to take a life, total different realm of heinous when you manipulate the corpse. Smh. Yet people rather debate about the caption of the video. The comments prove everything.

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