22 thoughts on “White Girl Twerking It, Killin it

  1. Shame on you girls for acting like that, and guys for watching. Girls God also watches, and do you think He enjoys you treat yourself like a piece of meat degrading your body like that for attention? While He created you in His holy image. You are worth so much more than that! And guys stop acting like some desperate dog drooling all over your keyboard. You are righteously created in your Father's image so instead of feeding these girls more lustful energy and bad attention show them the right way to God. They need to know God loves them so much and that He has a better plan for their lives. What if you stand before God and you see your life flash by. All of heaven watches along, including your loved ones, and sees you dance like that, it would be the most shameful experience ever and you have no place to hide. So either serve the king of this world and it's temporary lusts and pleasures, or seve God and His kingdom and receive salvation and eternal life. Because this world is fading away but your soul/spirit remains forever. So love yourself enough to act like a righteous woman in God's eyes. If you know God loves you, you won't need empty attention to feel better. His love is sufficient. God bless you guys.

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