21 thoughts on “White Washed! [ warning offensive cartoon!]

  1. So I've been seeing this particular cartoon pop up daily on social media ( all these Facebook meme groups and shit) exept ofcourse they cut out all the fucking credits. Some of them have 10x the views the original has and 100s of shares. If you see it around, could you please redirect them to the original link? thanks.

  2. I don't get why people get mad over a word because everyone makes fun of Asians and gay people I bet 1000$ everyone has said faggot or chink it's just a word and everyone be saying black lives matter but there's people out there that are getting bombed by terrorist and you care about a word? Fuck off dicks

  3. if you can't handle that move to china and get killed like the rest of the 120 million+ communist citizens but (((6 gorrilion jews is more important))) said the bilderberg group πŸ˜‰

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