6 thoughts on “Who has the scarier rushing attack: Cowboys Or Seahawks | Good Morning Football Today

  1. Chris Carson finished 5th in all running backs.. with less games due to injury early in the season and sharing carries with the other 2 monsters penny and Davis as running backs. #1 rushing team in the league but if you stop that running game… Russell Wilson will burn you in the air. Pick your poison

  2. We're going to ignore Wilson-locket ended the season with a perfect passer rating and third highest in touchdowns? That two of the injured starters for the Seattle Oline have returned?? That Wilson actually has playoff experience compared to Daks zero??? That Pete had a better playoff record than Garrett as a head coach???? The Zeke might be 1st in rushing but does that really mean much when your team doesn't lead in rushing but the opposing team does????? I'm going with seahawks 100%. 24-17

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