Why Can There Only Be One Dominant Woman in Rap?

Nicki or Cardi? Kim or Foxy? Something in the culture pushes us to choose one female rapper at a time.

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31 thoughts on “Why Can There Only Be One Dominant Woman in Rap?

  1. This is so true Nicki really messed things up for the women coming after her now most females feel like they have to over sexulize they’re selves to make it or sleep around to make it. I’m an upcoming artist and tbh I love Nicki love Cardi but I don’t wanna be like them . That’s another problem ppl come in the game sounding the same that’s why ppl start to compare

  2. Stupid background music . Took away from the amazing message I thought this video gave . ALSO, Nicki and Cardi are not from the same generation . Cardi can only be compared to mixtape Nicki at this point in her career !

  3. This is an IMPORTANT video ! Y’all really scare me … what is this to complain about ? all these negative comments for what ? The fans do put female rappers against each other . I feel as though Nicki is an icon and a mogul whereas Cardi is a hot up and comer ! I’m here for both 🙏🏽❤️💯

  4. 1st off, the only way someone can be the reigning queen of anything is if they have competitors! Nicki didn't come through back in the 80s or 90s when there were a number of female rappers and every last one of them had to compete to stay on top of their game! When Nicki came out, there WERE NO OTHER MAINSTREAM FEMALE RAPPERS OUT, so who was she going up against? Nobody! So that doesn't make her the queen of ANYTHING – that just made her the DEFAULT female rapper! Now suddenly here comes Cardi…. so now if Nicki wants to stay on top, she's just going to have to work for it plain and simple! Unfortunately since she started her career imitating all of her predecessors, she's not only going to be forced to compete to prove that she's the "Queen" but now she's gonna have to come up with some original shyt in order to do it! Ha! Good luck chick! Now let's find ouuuuuuuut and see…….

  5. Who the fuck came at larynhill she was on top and wasn't beefing and plenty of other female rappers there not enough female rap beef to come up with this conclusion. Rap beef is part of hip hop nature is going to come if your saying your the queen and the little of disrespect you show another rapper shit will Escalate to a rap beef and it's more of what your own fan want and it's the one way we measure who the best. You can have a rap battle and lose and still succeed. Who the fuck told complex told complex after a rap battle one of the rapper who lose their career will end? Ya dumb af saying shit like the guys are trying to kick the female out so the can only be one. Ya trash as usual

  6. Completely fales, hip hop is a competition creative poet sport. You can't come into hip hop and say your the best and don't expect a challenger. Fuck out of here with this only women shit and narrative. Every time a women come to a male dominant playgrounds they got something to complain about.

  7. male rappers beef all the time and it get often times leads to violence…..female rappers do have a harder time making it to top because they dont support each other..how you gonna blame men for women not getting along..so its men fault wy women always fighting on reality shows too…..look at how many upcoming rappers drake hops on tracks with now compare that too how many upnand coming female rappers nicki did songs with……and for those who bring up motorsport nicki did her verse not knowing cardi would be on the song and dissed her on original verse and lets not forget when she shitted on iggy at bet awards

  8. I think the concept of colleague oppression is true in any group that is underrepresented. The few (in this case women) probably worked really hard to get there and would feel threatened if another like minority enters the space. This maintains the circle because the minority end up believing there can only be few in the space. Supporting eachother and creating a market and community breaks that circle. Vanity and greed has impeded this many times. "What if they are better or more popular than me? Where does that leave me?"

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