Why can’t I call black people niggers?

Have you ever wondered why black people use the word nigger so much but get offended when white people say it? If so then this vid’s for you, nigga.

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20 thoughts on “Why can’t I call black people niggers?

  1. OK so for all the people who’ve immediately disliked this video without watching it, get your panties out of a bunch. It’s just a history lesson and nothing more, nobody’s blaming you for shit so get over yourselves

  2. The word was used on television all the time in the 60's and 70's. You could call on by that word to their face back then also without any notice. The offended tone people take didn't start until the late 90's. It is fake offense. The word is very descriptive as a noun and adjective and communicates very well with just two syllables.

  3. well tbh i don't like calling people black because they're not, usually its just a darker skin color due to melanin, so i mean what should i say that's more "PC" although maybe i should just use black… eh, what about Umber? so gonna do it. it's a thing now.

  4. well I got beat up for that word so I doing that agian and I acendently called black girl n word as joking way beacuse she said that she didnt gave a shit she got mad ( I didnt get fucking that day 🙁 )

  5. I'm MORE offended by black people using the word on one another.  Only dolt idiots with NO pride, honor, or respect for their forefathers use the this word ad nauseam.  This one WORD was the last sound uttered before the death of their forefathers by many  racist "whites."  These ignorant "black" blights have normalized, popularized, and perpetuated this word. In actuality, the joke is on them in society.

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