Why Do Racist Jokes Exist? | Ep. 10 | That’s Racist

From dumb Polish people to pot smoking Jamaicans, everyone has heard a racist joke. But why do these jokes exist in the first place?
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About ‘That’s Racist’: Comedian and actor Mike Epps takes a light hearted but informative look at stereotypes in the world today through the entry point of humor.

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35 thoughts on “Why Do Racist Jokes Exist? | Ep. 10 | That’s Racist

  1. Do all Black people like fried chicken? Hell yes they do! All white people like it…….as do all Chinese people……..as do all Japanese………I have never met ANYBODY of ANY race who didn't like fried chicken. I LOVE fried chicken…….and I'm as white as the wind-driven snow! I also love watermelon more than anybody I know…of ANY race. Just sayin'.

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