Why Drake Couldn’t Handle Pusha T Like Meek Mill, Is XXL Freshman List Rigged? | Everyday Struggle

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50 thoughts on “Why Drake Couldn’t Handle Pusha T Like Meek Mill, Is XXL Freshman List Rigged? | Everyday Struggle

  1. A what's even more funny is anybody with a brain knows get the reason Drake didn't respond to the story of Adidon excuse me if I didnt spell that title correctly. but all of us who have independent brains know that the reason drake didn't respond to that diss track by pusha.t was he couldn't because #1 he would have had to cl his ghost writer's and they didnt have time #2 everything pusha.t said was true! # 3 he had nothing on pusha.t to respond with! #4 it wouldn't have had the same impact as the story of adidon no matter what he would have said in his response! but in my mind you can't win a rap battle using somebody else's bars point blank period

  2. I say again drake never handled meek mills the rap fan community did because the new generation doesn't care if a rapper writes their rhymes anymore meek responded to drake the way that he did because like I and most battle rap fans believe you have to write your own material in order to even be in a rap battle and this is a testament to how far rap has fallen and it's also proof that if you tell a lie a time it's just a lie but if you tell that same lie over and over again in the absence of the truth #sound battle rap fans or at least their voices! it will become the truth!

  3. J Prince was protecting his brand. Drake is J Prince's main brand & Drake getting exposed, etc wasn't good for business. That's why J Prince got involved with this Pusha T beef. That's all. It's all business & nothing more than that. But in the end, the fans are happy that Pusha T exposed Drake.

  4. Am I the only one who realizes that drake jus happens to have a feature with Ross on one of the singles he’s dropping today ? Cause this came out on the 6th and it’s the 14th . Drake said if the raptors win he’ll drop something 4 days ago , Raptors won , they discussed Ross’s comeback. It’s no coincidence. He’s watching 🦂🦂🦂👀👀then there’s omertà

  5. Drake took that L but we should knew that pusha t the Goat 🐐 bro drake had fire but pusha an OG in this Game show some respect ✊🏾to the cocaine cowboy MC bro Pusha been in hoods and put in work he not going let anybody drag him down cuz they in young Hype 💯

  6. Shut tha fuck up. Your from tha old school you should have told Drake not to mention that man's lady or Kid Cudi when he was sick. That opens ALL DOORS THAT'S IT'S AND THAT'S ALL

  7. I think that everyone knows about incidents and humiliations outside of the rapping, performing and entertainment. Or the feuds and hopefully it is not too serious. J Prince is a business man and has admitted to choosing to get involved in Corporate America. He has been called the Suge Knight or Puff Daddy of the South.

    Ghostwriting, teams involved and stolen material.

    Drake has been able to get away with a lot of stuff and is allowed to. People and fans should be honest. This is the movement and you should question if you should follow it without thinking about what is happening. The industry also has other stuff that happens which is not fully visible. Maybe this is all or partly manufactured to help Drake's next album, these things also happen. Pusha T won and figured out how to expose and deal with Drake.

  8. Shut up J.prince. You ain't know real hip hop beef. Your lil girl drake got smoked by pusha T. We ain't rocking with no Canadians. Drake ain't got nothing to say. Career is up tick tick tick how much time u got drake?

  9. J Prince saved his investment.  Drake has contributed to his own demise.  In a lot of his music he laments over his dad, his mom, and relationships.  He has been giving out the cheat codes to "FINISH HIM" on his own for years.  He made the mistake of taking the bait of a 90"s lyricist with bars.  Story of Adidon is a DISS track.  Really what did King Push say that wasn't true?  His pops left him when he was young and didn't marry his mom.  When listening to his music you want to feel sorry for his mom.  He parades his dad around like he is great, but doesn't showcase his mom in the same light.  If in fact the baby is his, why couldn't the world know about him?  The world knows all about his exploits with women, but not about Sophie and his son.  Although cold as ice to bring up, 40 is fighting a potentially life ending disease, but Pusha just exploited the obvious, the man could die any day from multiple sclerosis.  Folks just need to respond honestly without all that emotion.  At the end of the day this beef will effect Drakes money a little.  His Adidas line is probably permanently on pause.  That black face stunt will lose some fans as his explanation for it was garbage.  For those who just love the music and don't care about character, life as a Drake fan will go on.  He got bodied and would do best to take the L, continue to make good music for his fans and make good money for those that benefit from him.

  10. idgaf how much respect this nigga got mind yo fucking business old head none of that shit concerned YOU you stepped n cuz Aubrey was getting fried u had to save ya investment smh cheated ALL OF HIPHOP OUT A GREAT BATTLE its out we know drizzy fucked kim k and was gonna retaliate wit that cuz he had NOTHING FOR PUSHA SO HE WAS GONNA ATTACK YE SMH OLD ASS NIGGA GO HOME AND STAY PUT THESE YOUNG BOYS PROBLEMS DRAKE A GROWN MAN THE FUCK

  11. If that's how it is, beef has gone bitch mode. I also find it incredibly hypocritical that Prince didn't mention Drake going after Cudi's mental illness as just as bad. Also, Drake's dad made himself fair game in the beef when he went on Instagram talking shit to Push after Drake dropped Duppy.

  12. J prince, we can all agree, is saving his investment. Drake is not a man he’s an investment. If someone talk about my family after I talk about their woman, it’s all fair. Since when is talking about someone’s family too disrespectful but talking about ones woman isn’t? Prince (lol) is full of shit you can’t ruin kanye when he’s been busy ruining himself for years now. Just sell your book, old fellow.

  13. J prints talking shit Drake was upset he was going to expose the music industry not just going off to Pusha T everybody Beef is beef battle is battle there is no such thing as crossing the line

  14. this music industry is so fucking soft its stupid now. did yall forget 2 pac hit em up ice cube no vaseline. smh and yall looking at pusha like he did something wrong drake crossed the line when you brought up his fiance

  15. Drake took an"L" on this one and don't try to be like Nas with a late response and throw jabs threw out your whole album….Here he go with the next to last song saying O' Yeah you thought I forgot….Nope to late Loser..You got Mr.Prince out here saving you too…That's some pussy shit…Two Fingers…

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