Why Jay-Z Declining to Perform at the 2018 Grammys is a Good Thing

Jay-Z opted out of performing at the Grammys this year, and after his shutout, it was a great decision.

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45 thoughts on “Why Jay-Z Declining to Perform at the 2018 Grammys is a Good Thing

  1. Snubbing black artists is a headline grabber and a way to get views at this point for the Grammys its undeniable who should have won the last 5 years but eyyy, we cry about it and it gives em headlines for, "Let's watch black ppl get pissed off" and well its entertaining, I guess. So at the end of the day…what are you doing to do?

  2. There are many talented artist out there who deserve a shot. You can't just give these awards to the same people year after year. It begins to look like favoritism. Move over Beyonce and Jay-Z. Although your music is good it's time to step aside. Go raise your family and give others a chance.

  3. Jay Z accepting to perform determines him an award. you scratch my back, i scratch yours kind of thing. This shit happens all the time. Birdie says Beyonce did this one year for a reputable award show. the award show practically begged her to perform cause they knew what her star power and value would bring to the annual show. In return guaranteed her an award. Other artists have done this in the past also. im not only getting at Bey.

  4. Probably the only rapper with the most classic album cuts that are non singles in history

    – In My Lifetime and the Remix
    – everything that wasn't a single on RD
    – A Million and One Questions off Vol 1
    – Imaginary Player off Vol 1
    – Streets Is Watching off Vol 1
    – Friend or Foe '98 off Vol 1
    – Where I'm From off Vol 1
    – You Must Love Me off Vol 1
    – A Week Ago with Too Short off Vol 2
    – Reservoir Dogs with Beans the Lox and Sauce Money off Vol 2
    – Nigga What Nigga Who off Vol 2
    – Hova Song Intro off Vol 3
    – So Ghetto off Vol 3
    – Dope Man off Vol 3
    – Watch Me with Dr Dre off Vol 3
    – Come and Get Me off Vol 3
    – NYMP off Vol 3
    – Jigga My Nigga off Vol 3/Ruff Ryders Vol 1
    – Dynasty Intro off Dynasty
    – This Can't Be Life with Beans and Face off Dynasty
    – Stick To The Script with Beans and DJ Clue off Dynasty
    – You Me Him And Her feat Bleek Beans and Amil off Dynasty
    – Parking Lot Pimpin with Bleek Beans and Lil Mo off Dynasty
    – 1900Hustla with Bleek Beans and Freeway off Dynasty
    – Soon You'll Understand off Dynasty
    – Where Have You Been with Beans off Dynasty
    – The Ruler's Back off Blueprint
    – Jigga That Nigga off Blueprint
    – U Don't Know off Blueprint
    – Hola Hovito off Blueprint
    – Heart of the City off Blueprint
    – Never Change off Blueprint
    – Momma Loves Me off Blueprint
    – Breathe Easy off Blueprint
    – The Best of Both Worlds Intro
    – Honey off Best of Both Worlds
    – Hovi Baby off Blueprint 2
    – The Watcher 2 with Rakim and Dr Dre off Blueprint 2
    – Poppin Tags with Big Boi Killer Mike and Twista off Blueprint 2
    – The Bounce with Kanye off Blueprint 2
    – I Did It My Way off Blueprint 2
    – Guns and Roses off Blueprint 2
    – U Don't Know Remix with MOP off Blueprint 2
    – Meet The Parents off Blueprint 2
    – Some How Some Way with Beans and Face off Blueprint 2
    – Show You How to Do This off Blueprint 2

    I'm tired didn't even get to Black Album yet

    Not Including off other people's projects like 4 da Fam with Amil, Get Thowed with Bun B, Welcome to New York City with Cam, HOVA with DJ Envy, Blackout With DMX and The Lox, Pound Cake with Drake, Brooklyn with Fab, What We Do with Free and Beans, It's Murda with Ja Rule and DMX, Dear Summer, 4 Alarm Blaze with MOP, I Love The Dough with BIG, Drug Dealers Anonymous with Push, Guess Who's Back with Face and Beans, Go Crazy with Jeezy, Seen It All with Jeezy, A lot of shit he did on Ye's shit

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