Why Meek Mill Canceled Plans to Attend Prison Reform Panel at White House

Meek Mill, who was originally set to participate in an upcoming prison reform panel at the White House, has decided to skip the event. In a statement to Complex Friday, Meek lamented the fact that the focus had shifted from a much-needed discussion on reform to a definitely-not-needed discussion on Trump.

“I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on prison reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system,” Meek said. “Unfortunately, the focus turned to the president and myself which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussions. As a result, I decided not to attend, so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system. Most importantly, I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system.”

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50 thoughts on “Why Meek Mill Canceled Plans to Attend Prison Reform Panel at White House

  1. Meek is full of shit…cares more about his image and what Jay Z and Obama think, than prison reform. He had a chance to chat with the most powerful man in the country about a major issue in America, and decided to punk out instead…that's not progressive at all folks.

  2. Lol really? Yeah good thing he didn't show up to the white house to discuss the issue, you know where policy decisions/agemdas are actually made. Definitely should go back to his studio and hold his own panel wi th everyone who just wants to bitch about their self victimization.

  3. Meek's Boss Jay z supported Hillary Clinton and even did concerts to help her win. Jay is so salty about hillary losing the election, he won't tolerate any kind of positive contact with the President, even if it could help people. I think jay z is a bitch for making this move. Meek actually sat in that prision and he wanted to do something about it but jay MF z stopped it. Next time jizza says he care about black people, just remember this moment where he proved he would rather honor hillary clinton than to help us.

  4. if he felt that i focused to heavily on trump and himself then why not go? now its just going to be about trump. i think he could have had things to say to benefit the reform and trump could have given him a bigger platform to stand on. that's probably why trump is so big-headed, he doin shit by himself.

  5. Honestly, this is a missed opportunity. I hate trump as much as the next guy, but he could have said something more.

    If the discussion was all about trump, discuss our disconnect with him as a president. If it was about himself, talk about the impact it had on himself.

  6. Lost some respect for meek cant lie. be a man stand on your own two you say you a boss more like a lil boy still taking orders from Hov and Ross smh..first step to being a man is standing your ground on whatever decision you make

  7. he did the right thing trump doesn't care about this shit. it's trump's job to lock up as much black people as he can. there'll always be another way to get his message across without it being tampered with by trump or anybody at that white house cause they all racist up in that house so fuck em. if it was Obama then yeah go ahead but I don't think any black person should be visiting the white house with that evil in there.

  8. Meek did what he felt right! Damned if you do Damned if you don't! He don't have to visit the Crazy house too get his message across! He can use his platform however he wants…Like who Tf are Y'all and what are y'all doing too make a difference?.. Just wanna be up here ranting and raving like you give af anyway! The same people that are mad he didn't go are the same ones wish he was still in jail! He don't or Nobody owe 45 nothing! 45 hand picked Jeff Session for a reason!🙄 How about having someone that Actually spent decades in prison speak at the WH that was exonerated that have more Knowledge then Meek? Oh it doesn't fit the narrative for photos and the media huh? Foh!!

  9. Straight up shine. Trump is willing to help black people to reform prison and they don't want change? What kind of fuckery is that? Trump is the most powerful man in the country and they don't want help? The hell? Man Kanye was right about you shines.

  10. Let's bitch about nothing changing but then deny an opportunity to discuss change! We NEED victim hood! It literally defines us. Without our "oppression" we have nothing but excuses, short comings and failures. The illusion or exaggeration of oppression shields us from actually confronting our real issues head on. We can scapegoat all of these things with victimization mentality because lord knows self responsibly is totally out of the question!

  11. Nothing’s gonna change if we ignore the president. Meek could’ve made a change working with the president, but he doesn’t want his image to be bad. Everyone talks shit on trump, but when we have a chance to talk to him, we don’t want to cuz he’s a meany

  12. he fucked his own platform.. if you want immediate quick change white house is where you go. guess he wasnt serious about this reform stunt

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