Why Paul Pierce Has an Issue With Celtics Honoring Isaiah Thomas

The Cavaliers are set to return to Boston on February 11th and apparently the Celtics franchise was going to pay tribute to Isaiah Thomas on that night. That same night, Paul Pierce’s no. 34 jersey is going to be retired, and Pierce isn’t really up to sharing that night with IT.

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46 thoughts on “Why Paul Pierce Has an Issue With Celtics Honoring Isaiah Thomas

  1. I don't have a problem with Isaiah Thomas's tribute night being shown the same night of Paul Pierce's retirement jersey. The poor guy lost his sister, broke a hip…. and still played through all of that. He deserves a tribute video. Why can't Paul Pierce do it a different night? He's in town every Celtics game.

  2. Why you gotta drag my boy IT like that. He gave his heart and soul to that franchise. Apparently they had prepared a tribute video for IT last game but he requested to play it later due to him not actually playing and his family not being their. IT set the groundworks to pick up where Pierce era left off by recruiting Howford and Hayward (I know he's injured). Let's not forget he played the day after his sister died.

  3. thats inderstandable..thats his moment..he earned it..and brought them a championship..he shouldnt have said that publically tho..could have told the GM..makes him look like a crybaby beta male

  4. Lmao Paul Paul Paul …you “brought” one chip to Boston kobe brought 5 times that to LA …you aren’t nearly as good as kobe stop trying to act like you are😂😂😂havin a farewell tour and shit fuck outta here

  5. lol…Draymond: "Chasing that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you can’t get that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you thought you was Kobe?”

  6. Wow thats disrespectful to Pierce smh Pierce actually won a ring for Boston. Isiah hasnt even been in Boston for 5 years. I watched Pierce carry Boston to the playoffs with no Kg or Allen

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