Why R. Kelly’s Streaming Numbers Aren’t a Real Win for His Career

In a new video that surfaced online this week and quickly spread across social media, a defiant and arrogant R. Kelly dismissed his critics—namely those behind the #MuteRKelly campaign.

“It’s too late, they should have did this shit 30 years ago,” the Zorro-mask wearing, Aaron Hall-style jocking, reading club reject and overall miscreant declared. Pissy went on to add, “I’ve got a million motherfuckers hating me, and 40 billion motherfuckers loving me.” Although the melodic menace appears to also struggle with mathematics, there is sadly an inconvenient truth to his larger point about having developed a large fan base over a career spanning decades.

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38 thoughts on “Why R. Kelly’s Streaming Numbers Aren’t a Real Win for His Career

  1. COMPLEX IS AN JOKE y'all were celebrating Spotify when they stopped promoting his music like it was an win but now that it backfired & his streaming is up it's no big deal GTFOH

  2. Bitch, shut the fuck up and let the man pimp. Y'all didn't that Hugh Hefner had 10 girlfriend, all 90 years younger than him.

    These hoes need structure in their lives!

  3. Millennials are the fucking worst.

    It's hilarious to see you whine about not being able to destroy this man's career which spans back to before you were born, with your little "sleight of hand" slanderous bullshit.
    Yes. People still listen to R because R is fucking talented in a non "ironic" sort of way. Your generation's music is nothing more than soulless,corporate produced,derivative trash that masquerades as authentic to explain away the "quirky" lack of actual talent.
    No one will remember anything your artists "created" 10 years from now, let alone 30 like R Kelly's music.
    You didn't "cancel" anybody but yourselves because we of Gen X are getting fatigued from you spamming us with your social justice crusader bullshit, you didn't create anything,you only copied us and what we did in your little cop out,bullshit "ironic" way.
    There was never a generation so petty, so joyless,and overall,so spoiled as yours,there's tons or garbage your generation produces for your "public morals police" to clean up,start there and stay the fuck out of grown folks business.
    R Kelly is one of ours, and if we decide there's a problem with R Kelly, then we will be the ones to deal with him by withdrawing support, not you.
    You can't boycott something you don't listen to you fucking dopes.

  4. Musical genius yet I know he's guilty!, Yet #MeToo has everyone on the ropes but HIM somehow SMMFH ….is he really GUILTY or just an innocent CREEP!? … How much more proof can we see that "technically" isn't breaking laws but is still disgusting…. this isn't even a "money gets you off" situation! Such conflict! he's just straight beating the cases smh!!.. let's just listen to SOME SONGS and PAY FOR NONE!!!……🤔… He can still write songs for commissary tho…not sure that helps but it's real I my eyes

  5. These people really tryna get kells up out of here smh. PS it's too late people let it go. Let's work on making the world a better place. Not who's music I prefer. Cause ate the end of the day that man gotta eat too. L.I.G

  6. I loled at the people who listen to him will be called out. Social media really has people thinking their opinions matter. I will listen to whatever I want and don't care what a no name person on the internet says about it.

  7. I saw another video using the "They should've did this 30 years ago" quote making it look like he was talking about his"sex cult." Either charge him or leave him alone.

  8. lol you r kelly fans are seriously dilusional. Just because the girls he abuses and exploits go back to him (because they are probably pretty weak, vulnerable and quite stupid) still doesnt take away from the fact that they are underage. This dude is a fully grown man. 14 is still 14, even if she is a 'hoe' or 'thot'

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