Why Violent Cops Are Rarely Punished | GQ

When the police cross the line, powerful protections often spring to their defense. But why? DeRay McKesson examines how bad cops frequently elude punishment—and what we can do to correct that.

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Why Violent Cops Are Rarely Punished | GQ


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23 thoughts on “Why Violent Cops Are Rarely Punished | GQ

  1. I think that this video is very good at closing in the racial divide, but I think that some of their statistics are misleading without context.

  2. The police are an institutionally corrupt gang of habitual liars, shameless thieves, power mad bullies, violent sadists, emotionless thugs and casual murderers. The police tell lies as easily and often as normal humans breathe. Fraud and corruption are as common to the police as obesity and alcoholism. I'd trust a starving alligator in a room full of crawling infants before trusting a cop.

  3. Truth is, all humans are no better off than what they claim to be, "moral" or righteous. Nowadays, if you were yelling with one another in an argument, someone would call the cops. You or either party would have to possible outcomes. You'd beat him or her, physically or you'd win the argument with one party leaving. You can extend that to a group, etc. Now picture a third party coming in. They'd force you with violence to be compliant, after all, what beats a flame with a fire? But what determines rules? It's actually never who, that should be the criteria. In New Zealand here, it's literally following the footsteps of a dysfunctional society. With more of that, enforcement follows.

  4. Well dipshit sovereign citizens that dont know law and people that pull guns on innocent officers people are the reason for police some not all maybe 1% of cops being bad

  5. It's because cops are paid by the state/gov that they get away with abuse. Notice how state job workers are often the worst in temperament, such as those working for the DMV or IRS. If it takes a lot to get you fired, if your word has more weight than the common citizen in court and your boss, then naturally the human condition is such that they will abuse that power. It goes without saying. Being a cop, or taking on any job where your word has more power than the citizen, is going to erode your conscience real fast. You are going to see it disappear almost entirely before the year is over. The reason people maintain their conscience is because of laws. Those who can maintain them out of sheer kindness don't become cops because they don't want to give someone a parking ticket, they don't want to take people's money, they want to give to others instead. So yes, anyone who becomes a cop isn't a kind person, they have some bullying they wish to do.

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