Why You Shouldn’t Go To Yoga

Or at least this teacher’s class. That moment of zen’s not worth it!
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Directed, Photographed and Edited by T.J. Misny [
Produced by Paul Gale [ + Jay Park
Written by Paul Gale + T.J. Misny

Laura Wilcox [
Tallie Medel [
Elyse Brandau [
Pete “Drago” Sell
Ann Carr [

Yoga Students: Marielle Bachman, Suzette Banzo, Anna Chitashvili, Shannon Holloway, Corrie Legge, and Katia Tsvetkova.

AD: Ted Schaefer
Gaffer: Brian McCann
Key Grip: Ryan Davenport
1st AC: Chris Ungco
2nd AC: Kurt Sensenbrenner
Sound Recordist: Louis Gordon
Sound Design: Hunter Berk
Hair + Makeup: Kailie Stamps
PAs: Blakelee McBee, Brian McElroy, + Ben Witte
Colorist: T.J. Misny
Location: Awakening NY

Special Thanks to Michael Kuskin and Handheld Films

Spanish Subtitles: Luis Arenas Rojas + Arlene Beatriz Véliz

Shot on an Arri Alexa with Cooke 5/i Lenses.


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32 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Go To Yoga

  1. I'm doing yoga, and sometimes my mind is wondering and trying to bring back my attention
    It can be really funny sometimes, like in this situation I'm imagining that when I open my eyes, everybody is gone xD

  2. So… I shouldn't do yoga because I might get robbed by a fake yoga instructor.

    In terms of comedy you can apply this in any situation. This would be a lot funnier if there was a specific yoga situation involved. Based on the title I was kind of expecting like cramps/pain or even dudes being nosy.

    I mean you can easily make another video "why you shouldn't deposit money to the bank" and then have a fake bank teller secretly stealing your info and money.

    Same dumb shit. I'm not sure where all the likes are coming from, but it's definitely not coming from me.

  3. Hello Propagandist!!! Without money christ and without genocide islam doesn't sell. Yoga/meditation sells everywhere cos it's scientific and free. Yoga will evolve with huge fan following but a loser. Better luck next time.

  4. Yoga may enhance your EARTHLY life, but it does indeed ruin your SPIRITUAL life. If any of you reading this are into Yoga, I invite all of you to research the history of Yoga. Hopefully you will then decide to break the dark, negative chains from the spirit realm of The Outer Darkness that you currently allow to shroud you. – A Former New Ager

  5. It's original. I'll say that. The guy staring at the open eyed girl was funny w his keep doing the yoga note. Lol… I fucking hate yoga. I started my own stretching strengthening visualizing technique when I was 4. And I am not judging anyone who likes needs to yoga…. I'm saying that their all sheep. Looking for their leader. Hello?! It's inside of you

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