Wild WEREWOLF PRANKS! | Funniest Pranks | AFV 2019

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Even if it’s not a full moon out, always be prepared for a Werewolf! Watch these #pranks video and #werewolfpranks and get some ideas for your family and friends! Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we’ve put together a list that will make you laugh 😆. Let us know which pranks made you laugh the most!

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49 thoughts on “Wild WEREWOLF PRANKS! | Funniest Pranks | AFV 2019

  1. Зачем детей своих малолетних так пугать – я не пойму – заиками станут…взрослых – ещё терпимо так , но детей – это должно быть смешно ? не пойму я таких людей

  2. My parents did this to me, i did it to them, they did it to my siblings, my siblings did it to them, I did it to my siblings and they did it to me. I WILL be doing this to my kids whenever I have them. People who get pissed of over stuff like this are just mad that they reacted in a funny way on camera. This doesn’t have any psychological harm. In fact it is something funny to look back on later.

  3. You scare you kids from that young age, than you actually stimulate and start developing a child to stuttering….you know some times I do wonder if your society and it's people's are educated enough

  4. They are idiots. The only thing I'm glad about, is the number of nights that those stupid parents will have to suffer without sleeping thanks to the nightmares of their children….
    I hope the children don't suffer much, but that they spoil their parents for a few nights …

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