Will An NBA Team Actually Draft LiAngelo Ball?; Johnny Manziel Headed to CFL? | Out of Bounds

On today’s episode, Gilbert Arenas and the #OutofBounds boys get started by analyzing Albert Belle’s pee technique, from pulling his pants down halfway, to shielding himself with his car door and potentially splattering both the vehicle and his shoes. Then, with LiAngelo Ball making himself available for the NBA Draft, the team takes a critical look at the middle Ball son’s skill set, what he’s done in Lithuania, and where he fits in the world of pro ball. Plus, Gil has a conspiracy theory — or maybe just facts — about the 71 points Gelo scored yesterday in Lithuania, timed to his draft announcement…. In “The Pull Up,” OOB offers career advice to Johnny Manziel, who says he’ll play in the Canadian football League if no NFL teams are interested in him. While much has been made of Manziel’s newfound maturity and efforts to deal with his personal demons, Gil has some reservations about “Johnny Football” and the NFL in general. Next, in “Fair or Foul?”, the crew weighs in on Vikings coach Mike Zimmer talking publicly about the health of his former QB Teddy Bridgewater, who’s now with the Jets and trying to stick with the team. Is he messing with his ex player’s money by answering the media’s questions? To close things out, Gil and the gang respond to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin saying that TD celebrations are “not a good look.” Maybe the bad look is just coaches opening their damn mouths too much….

01:36 Will Any NBA Team Draft LiAngelo Ball?
09:31 Manziel Willing to Play in CFL If No NFL Interest
15:32 Zimmer Discusses Health of Ex Vikes QB Bridgewater
21:06 Tomlin Says TD Celebrations “Not a Good Look”

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43 thoughts on “Will An NBA Team Actually Draft LiAngelo Ball?; Johnny Manziel Headed to CFL? | Out of Bounds

  1. Its funny reading all these comment saying Gilbert Arenas is stupid he is a 10 year pro in the top. Basketball league in the world.

    What he is essentially saying is if you we're to tier the leagues it would be

    NBA> Top teams of Euroleague> G league > top middle tier euro teams> college> all other euro teams

    Right now Gelo is struggling to score in the other EUROLEAGUE teams right now he's averaging 15 points per game. Which is good for his league, but when you scale it up the tiers, his number would drop as he climbed up the tiers. He would struggle to be productive in a league with alot of talent.

    The example they used was top tier EUROLEAGUE team. His numbers would probably drop from 15 points a game to somewhere to .8 maybe 1.2 if lucky, because his size and athletic ability wouldn't warrant play time at his proper position. Given time 2 or 3 years under the right coach, he would mature as a player as well as grow in his position and as such he would get more minutes. Which is only natural.

    That said, he probably won't get drafted because the NBA has a general percentage rule which you can normally see in all draft. It goes somewhat like 25% potential, 30% talent/skill, 25% build/athletic ability/ size & length , 15% popularity/hype, but it varies per team and it's per position. He can probably claim he has like 40% maybe 50% of what he needs to be ready to drafted and that's not enough. So if he does get drafted if going to be real late. If not he'll get some shut up and show me time during summer league.

    Keep in mind Greg Jennings who came out as the top player in his final year of high school, went over seas and played in the top Italian league and was averaging 5.5 points a game in 27 games.

    Liangelo came out as the 226 ranked player and 50th shooting guard.

    Nuff said

  2. So a 40 inch vertical is elite and a 34 is to be laughed at? (Checking Gil's vertical…no-step 31.5 inch…Max 36…) But Gelo who is a couple inches taller than Gil (6'2.5 without shoes) is trash and "sucks" because he isn't an elite athlete at 19? I don't respect that…

  3. Keep saying Gelo has a ceiling of Eric Gordon…I don't know why dissing him is so popular when he can shoot and has some post, but hell I want to see him in the combine and in the Summer league prove it…I can't write off a 19 yr old with this much confidence to shoot/score at this level no matter who he is playing…if nothing else it is a skill to get up 30, 40, 50 shoots in a game and not be gassed or deterred…

  4. why cnt niggas boycott to get Arenas off this show?!! This niggas ass and has no fucking clout out here amongst millenials. This nigga reqlly trying to get thru the show by 'trying to keep it real' but its not working cuz hes simply hating and is a bitter fuck. I can tell this dudes a bad guy as well. I bet nigga never gave a homeless man a dollar. Thats how bad i feel this dude is. The vibe he gives off just not coo 😳😳

  5. This is fiction…. The LKL is where one of the highest leagues in Europe is at y’all sound stupid he averages 15.7ppg. In a big league your stupid he average those 40s and 50s

  6. So what about Klay Thompson? what game does he have? Aside from his jump shot what game does he have? Liangelo whether small or not can post up and shoot. How many players have post up moves in the NBA? Arena you were drafted in the second round and you were so tight that you pick the number 0. Liangelo will turn out during the workout before the draft. Liangelo played grown men in Lithuania. So what they not the higher league. College is professional high school basketball it ain't the major leagues.

  7. Gil adds to this show what most sports shows don’t add. He keeps it really, all the other shows try to be all analytical and shit but he says what no one else will. He adds a nice balance to the show.

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