25 thoughts on “Will Troy ave and Taxstone tell on eachother? Mysonne Reacts Troy ave, G herbo Reacts Tekashi

  1. the music isnt that loud, and all yall have to do is ask politelty. You internet thugs gotta chill w/ the statements and disrespect when its not warranted. get some pu$$y or something. JT just turn the music down just a bit when playing other audio, thnx

  2. Mysonne is a Bozo he’s really hating on Troy Ave and why is he always dropping his 2 cents that makes no sense? There’s video breaking down exactly what happened that night and Troy Ave was locked up for a few months and they let him out after the investigation, and clearly I saw Troy Ave blasting his way out the club defending himself and his crew after his man got shot. When they picked up Tax Stone the first thing he said that’s Troy Ave guns.

  3. Mysonne talking about the video but what about all the other people saying Tax pulled the gun out and killed Banga, then lost the gun starts running cause Troy starts uses Tax own gun against him, now Tax wants to play innocent, gtfoh,803

  4. Mysonne is wrong on so many levels. Mysonne just don't like Troy Ave. Troy went to jail and made bond without say a word. Tax got locked up and told judge Troy was shooting 🤷🏾‍♂️ 803

  5. Troy ave sat in jail for two months never snitched he let the investigation happen made the police do their job and he sat in jail until the police came up with what they came up with. And when they went looking for taxstone and found him the first thing he said was it was Troy ave gun. What the fuck is Troy suppose to do. Tax pointed Troy out and straight snitched. And then snitched on hisself. Troy ave suppose take the stand and say no that’s not what happened when snitch stone already told everything and copped a plea to it I’m confused.

  6. Taxstone paper work says troy ave shot the spot up, cause troy Ave was the one that got arrested wit the gun… so taxstone defense is troy ave did it.. troy ave is sayin why u sayin I did it when u did it, i fought u and got the gun from u and fired some shots.. but u shot first… how is that snitchin??

  7. He's talkin about morals? Bro any person who has morals would not go out and attempt to kill somebody over a petty argument. Fact of the matter is taxstone was carrying a gun because he was scared.if he had nothing to fear he would not have came there with a gun or he could have just avoided the whole situation by not going a lot of these guys more raised by the jail system and they speak of morals and integrity but the things they do are anything but could you imagine if every time you disagreed with. A member of your family you resorted to violence? people in your community aren't related to you but there an extension of your family and have to be treated as such even if you don't agree that's just life if you intend to ever live in peace…

  8. Mysonne is a lowlife .I always hears I won’t snitch I can’t snitch or he didn’t snitch.
    Some would hv told but they don’t know anything mysonne should go fix his lips always trying to suck Troy ave dick cab robber

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