Wiz Khalifa Defends ‘Eyes Lookin’ Korean’ Lyric: ‘I Have Korean Friends’

Rap music, like everything else, has its problematic moments. Misogyny, colorism, and yes racism often plague verses of some of the most popular hip-hop artists. Time and time again, rappers spit about “looking Asian” whenever they smoke a blunt or two.

Exhibit A: “Cause bitch I’m amazin’/Look what I’m blazin’/Eyes so low/Yea I look like an Asian,” Jeezy rapped on the chorus of his 2008 track “Amazin.”

Wiz Khalifa is the latest in a long line of rappers who have invoked the racist comparison. “I’m a different type of being/Drive the type of whip your bitches like to be in/Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean,” he raps on the track “Hot Now” from his new album Rolling Papers 2.

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38 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa Defends ‘Eyes Lookin’ Korean’ Lyric: ‘I Have Korean Friends’

  1. If Koreans have smaller eyelids, then why are they mad? When you get smoke in your eyes, you naturally squint them closer. He could have easily said Japanese or Chinese but said Korean. It honestly could have been way worse, like a stereotype that's not true about Asians. But last time I checked Koreans typically do have smaller eyelids.

  2. I heard about this silly shit and just HAD to post around for my two cents.

    Dont apologize for shit! Say what you mean/want and fuck everyone. All these p.c. flakes crying about this and that, ignore em and stay true.

    Let the money talk

  3. you know..if an asian rapper said something on the line of " loving those chicken and coolaid like black people" there would be another BLM riot blocking the free way ape shit.smfh

  4. Let's be honest there is a double stander for everything. I mean like the white guy say my cousin boyfriend is black but i'm not a racist but wiz smoking a blunt and then telling the wold that give me korean eye there is a double stander for racist. i mean it like if came out with a dark tan and rap about being black. The black community would be super upset with that comment.

  5. Like when he blamed taeyeon for being racist and not wanting to perform with him even tho it was his party’s fault for not bringing the right back track

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