Wiz Khalifa Deliver on ‘Rolling Papers 2?’ Will Ye Collab With Dennis Rodman? | Everyday Struggle

On today’s episode of #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, Nadeska and Wayno discuss Wiz Khalifa’s new 25-track album ‘Rolling Papers 2,’ which is the sequel to his 2011 project. Does it measure up to the original? The crew also joke about Dennis Rodman asking Kanye West to work on a song together (since they are both ‘leaders of love’), Drake’s ‘Fire in the Booth’ freestyle on Charlie Sloth’s BBC radio 1xtra show and how his new record deal affects Birdman and Cash Money Records. Plus, Will Smith outdoes everyone with his ‘In Your Feelings’ dance challenge video.

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27 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa Deliver on ‘Rolling Papers 2?’ Will Ye Collab With Dennis Rodman? | Everyday Struggle

  1. Yoo Fuck what wayno talkin bout AK that freestyle is EXACTLY what the mandem wanted to hear n lets be clear we talk like that in toronto too its not just a UK accent its drake rapping in OUR TORONTO SLANG AND FLOWS they are very similar but know the facts

  2. Academics on this podcast is so cringe. Wayno seems to be the only one discussing factual statements and states them in a objective manner and his theories are solid. yet academics grabs anything BS straight out the air and bends them into weird theories… 😟

    Is it too late to bring back Joe Budden? I missed the intellectual conversations that were held when he was on Everyday Struggle.

  3. na wayno you lost me there when you question is drake a rapper now……what he cant freestyle now that he has pop appeal? wasnt he a "rapper" on your fav side of his last album. every time drake os brought up its clear youre on the hate train and you try to mask it with some silly justification.

    just last week you were saying "lets make it clear drake can really rap" now youre saying "oh he a rapper now?" like either you like the guy or you dont sop being wishy washy

  4. This how i know ak and the other guy or full of shit they say he should have cardo on the album if you listen theres a track on there with him now they say his album is to long but ak loves drake album bring joe back he actually listen's to a whole album before he speaks on it..

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