Woman Details Her Encounter With Allison Mack’s Alleged Sex Cult

One woman has come forward to share her own firsthand encounter with the cult NXIVM. Last month news surfaced that Smallville actress Allison Mack was recruiting for this sex and branding cult.

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47 thoughts on “Woman Details Her Encounter With Allison Mack’s Alleged Sex Cult

  1. So she is coming out under a false name huh? You don't think that to be dishonest in any way? You also say alleged but you actually mean they are guilty but you don't know shit really. I'd like to hear the whole story and also take into consideration that these women Mack and Kruek worked on a fantasy show of secular humanistic idolatry for years which is bound to fuck ANYONE up as for as being moored to reality goes, so is it really hard to believe they'd go deep end? If it IS difficult for you then I simply say this you too are a prime candidate for a cult as well so be careful before you crucify them because you obviously are one step away from a similar situation.I think you are all pretty much retarded when it comes tot he capacity to think let alone make good choices I mean come on smallville was very popular so MOST of you probably liked the secular humanist fantasy just like star trek so YOU helped create this monstrosity as well!In closing  FUCK OFF you silly stupid hypocrites!

  2. Complex you people are very very hypocritical here you have evidence of sex trafficking but you put alleged in the title when there's proof that there was sex trafficking yet you don't say alleged when you talk about R Kelly and there's no evidence that are Kelly is sex trafficking

  3. These vile people are going to be exposed and Hillary statement will be coming true "If Donald Trump wins we eillmall hang you better fix this shit" weiner s laptop is going to hang them all STOP voting Democrat they are vile people!

  4. I rather believe she was a victim and not the mastermind or right hand woman. She always appeared to be such a wonderful person, and I hope that in the core she still is. This is very sad to see and hope all these allegations are false.

  5. When you look at the indictment, you can see that she being charged with child sex trafficking, wonder why nobody's talking about that

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