Woman Files Lawsuit After DNA Test Allegedly Says Her Biological Dad Was Fertility Doctor

Ancestry.com is out here changing people’s lives—but it’s not always for the better.

According to the Washington Post, one woman who took the website’s DNA test discovered her biological father was not the man who had raised her; he was actually a now-retired fertility doctor who allegedly used his own sperm to impregnate her mother 36 years ago.

After Kelli Rowlette received the shocking news, she and her family filed a lawsuit against Dr. Gerald E. Mortimer for medical negligence, fraud, battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and breach of contract.

According to the suit, Rowlette was not aware that her now-divorced parents had undergone artificial insemination after unsuccessful attempts at natural conception. Mortimer reportedly told the couple that the issue was caused by the husband’s low sperm count and the wife’s tipped uterus; so, he suggested that the wife be inseminated with a mix of the husband’s sperm and that of an anonymous donor to increase the changes of conception.

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30 thoughts on “Woman Files Lawsuit After DNA Test Allegedly Says Her Biological Dad Was Fertility Doctor

  1. what ? so they're fine with the random tall blue eyed donor but it being the doctor is so shocking to them n made them "suffer immeasurably" ? the daughter's problem is that the man who raised her is not her actual father but the parents knew that already

  2. If you are black, stay away from, Ancestry dot com. They are using black people saliva to find a cure for a disease that is prominent in white people. There was an article out exposing the evil of Ancestry of their foul play against black people. There is a particular disease that is well known to whites and they are trying to create a vaccine which is only found in melanated people DNA and saliva. Once you, (black) people send in your swab they then take your DNA and experiment on extracting your DNA from your saliva to create a cure for some type of skin disease that white people have. I have read the article myself and seen the very words of the two doctors who confessed to needing as much saliva from blacks as possible and confessed that the only way they would be able to get that much saliva from blacks is to get it from Ancestry. com
    Stop giving your saliva to those people to experiment with in hopes of finding or being connected to an ancestor. Those test are inaccurate anyway. Here is the truth…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p64lx1c8p1o

  3. They're just in it for the money… "Suffering immeasurably." I can't imagine what this news would do to a family, but at the end of the day, family is family. Those years and years and years of being together don't mean nothing.

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