Woman Reportedly DRUGGED At Jake Paul’s Party!

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Police have started an investigation after a woman claimed she was drugged at Jake Paul’s party over the weekend.

What’s up y’all?! It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we’re getting more updates about what potentially went down over the weekend. Jake Paul threw a party at his Calabasas mansion for Desiigner’s 22nd Birthday. He posted a series of pics and videos on his Instagram page showing just how epic the party was.

He captioned the post saying “soo @lifeofdesiigner asked me to throw his bday at my house.. so we turned it into a movie.”

Most likely he actually does plan on turning this into a mini movie for his YouTube channel, but like with most movies, there’s a plot twist that comes out of nowhere and this fun movie has turned into a drama. After the party was over, one of the attendees moms wrote in the Facebook group titled “Moms of Conejo Valley” to inform them that her daughter was drugged.

She said QUOTE, “A big warning to those with teen daughters: My daughter was at a party in Calabasas last night for YouTuber Jake Paul. The house was a mansion filled with young people. She ended up in the hospital with eight other girls who had been drugged and ended up at West Hills Hospital incoherent. Something was put in their drinks. The girls were all half naked and unable to walk or talk. They were made to sign a disclaimer at the door. I’m sharing this in hopes that you will talk to your teens and young adults. I’m sharing this in hopes to help someone. I will be reporting this to the authorities.”

We’re not sure if this post is from the mom of the woman who went to police, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a statement saying, “On Sunday, May 5, 2019, the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station was made aware of a possible single occurrence of unwillful impairment related to a party attended on May 4, 2019.
Detectives are in the beginning stages of information gathering for the incident.”

Of course, Jake Paul has been notified of the situation and his attorney is speaking out. His attorney, Larry Stein, spoke to TMZ saying “We take this claim very seriously, and are working with authorities to make absolutely sure we do our part to uncover the truth.”

Buzzfeed News reached out and a representative for Jake Paul revealed quite a bit. The anonymous representative said that Jake has not been questioned by police and that he QUOTE “certainly wasn’t involved”!

They also then went on to say that of course with that many people some are going to push their limit with drinking and get sick.
Buzzfeed also reached out to some attendees who all seemed to say that they didn’t see any drugs, but they did see a woman who seemed out of it. One said they saw a QUOTE “inebriated” woman taken out of the party by security and another said that she looked “super intoxicated”!

This story is still developing, but we’re hoping that if she was drugged that justice is served and they get whoever is responsible.

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