Woman Tries to Escape Drug Bust After Short Foot Chase

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A Sand Springs woman was arrested on a drug complaint and warrants after she tried to run from police this week. Police said they were patrolling near Fifth and Main Friday afternoon when they spotted a woman walking down the street. The woman reportedly ducked behind a small tree on the side of the road, putting both of her arms up attempting to hide from police. Officers said they tried to make contact with the woman because of her “erratic behavior,” but when they stepped out of the car, she allegedly started running away through multiple front yards. Police ran after the woman and caught up with her when she jumped over a retaining wall into someone’s back yard. As police struggled to put her in handcuffs, the woman reportedly told them that she had fines to pay and didn’t want to lose her job. Police identified the woman as Alexis McIntosh, 21, and learned she had five outstanding warrants. Officers said they also found marijuana in her bag. Police arrested her for resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and the five warrants, which are all traffic-related.

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