Women’s March Los Angeles Brings Out Thousands Fighting for Equality

Complex New went down to the 3rd annual Los Angeles Women’s March and spoke to participants about the importance of showing up to fight for equality.

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40 thoughts on “Women’s March Los Angeles Brings Out Thousands Fighting for Equality

  1. So silly to think men don't open up to each other. Lol it's not the 1950s anymore. And even then it was common place to a certain extent.

  2. “The world of humanity has two wings—one is women and the other men, not until both wings are equally developed can the bird fly. Should one wing remain weak, flight is impossible.” ~ Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha'i Faith … If one wing is higher, the bird goes around in circles.

  3. Fighting for what? They’re literally campaigning for things they already have. Let’s send them to the Middle East and then we’ll see if they still complain about their ‘lack of rights in the US’. It’s truly pathetic, why not use your precious time on things that genuinely matter

    One thing I’ve noticed a lot, is that women don’t want to be put into positions because of their skill or their work ethic, they want it simply for the fact that they’re women. It seems like they don’t understand that the world doesn’t work like that

  4. Women should be able to protest about their injustices with laws and corporations. Like Harvey Weinstein’s abuse towards women because the wanted the role in his movie. He took advantage of them, guys we can do better. Most of young men just tryna get their dick wet y’all no nothing of emotional depth or even emotionally intelligent.

  5. I really dont get this at all. Women already have equal rights in western countrys. This protest is stupid. Why wont they protest womens rights in saudi arabia? Feminism is not needed here it just spreads hate!

  6. I love how the people complex portrays as the good guys are actually harrassing people using their right of freedom of opinion to think differently to them.

    And they say girls want fundemental human rights
    While they are out there, living middle and upper class lives in a first world country…
    Just be fucking grateful for what you have and stop finding problems where there are none

  7. tbh you all want equal pay as men but do you realise that they get paid more than you because the have higher position than you its not unfair its just logic if you want more pay stop working at crappy jobs and stop dropping out of school

  8. Well first of all, for all the men saying they dont know what they are protesting for.. let me give you something to think about. Do you RESPECT your waitress, hairdresser, housekeeper?? Because I have been personally sexually harrassed in all jobs. It's to bring AWARENESS to people and situations that are UNACCEPTABLE. If you dont get this then you should really shut your damn mouths.

    **oh, and if your response Is.."she probably did something to deserve it" then YOU Mr. Are part of the problem and should attend a womens march.

  9. All you bitches heres a reality check, you were made to serve men. Period. Natural order all throughout nature. Your job is to cook clean and fuck on demand…push out kids and bow down to the man that chooses you. Period. Get mad all you want, thats real talk.

  10. Professional mother of 2 teenagers here.. My husband is a stay at home dad… These women need to get working and stop complaining.. We females have the upper hand in almost everything, relative to men… Marches, are set up and engineered to divide the people…

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