XXXTentacion Signed Massive $10 Million Album Deal Weeks Before Death

A few weeks before his sudden death, rapper XXXTentacion signed a $10 million album deal with Empire, according to a report from the New York Times.

The death of the 20-year-old Florida native shocked the hip-hop community and resulted in a spike in sales and streams of his first two projects, 17 and ?, both of which were in the Billboard 200’s top 5 last week.

17 was released under the independent music distribution company Empire, and the Times reports that the company gave X a huge deal for his third official project. Though its founder Ghazi Shami, who helped break X into the mainstream, wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the deal, he did confirm that X, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, did complete “a significant amount of material” for the album before he was shot and killed on June 18.

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26 thoughts on “XXXTentacion Signed Massive $10 Million Album Deal Weeks Before Death

  1. before I begin I did just smoke a fat blunt but…

    Everyone says he 'faked' his death like 2pac.. he dies pretty much a year and 4 days from the release of ALL EYEZ ON ME..

    369 days.. 3 + 6 + 9 = 18. he died 18th 2018
    Born 1st month 1998.. 2018 – 1998 + 1 = 21 the age he died.

    could be absolutely stoned but hey ho took me 5 mins to figure out 😂😂💯

  2. Fake news. They say XXX signed, so they can make money off his unreleased tracks.. His family will get 10 million, but Empire get the rest and royalties for life… Dirty business.

  3. young major recording artist with infinite streams succeeding everyone else's suddenly dies coincidence I think not. if it we're my bet they all went in a pot to get him killed together.

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