Years Without Water: Claressa Shields and the Fight For Flint | Complex World

It’s been five years since the water crisis in Flint started. Pipes are getting fixed and the water is testing at healthier levels, but the underlying issues that led to this massive disaster are still there: poverty, violence, racism. The people of Flint are resilient, but decades of neglect have increased their distrust for their own government, and the city leadership’s reluctance to transparency is deepening that very perception. We linked up with Flint native and Olympic gold medallist Claressa Shields, to explore how the residents of this city have endured so much, and yet they keep fighting for their city and their home.

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20 thoughts on “Years Without Water: Claressa Shields and the Fight For Flint | Complex World

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  2. She brings me to tears when she speak so much truth. I live in flint all my life so i think thats why i connect to her message because im here daily living in flint. She beat the odds and overcame the madness in flint. Such an inspiration she truly is…

  3. Notice! The Democrats think Illegal Aliens sanctuary cities, free health care for illegals, free college tuition are all more important than Flint's water but they tell you they care about black people 🤔🤔🤔🧢🧢🧢

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