Yes, You Can Actually Make a Living Playing NBA 2K

What if I told you (and your doubting parents) that you could actually make a living playing hours of your favorite video game? This week the NBA and 2K Sports made that a reality with the first-ever NBA 2K League Draft, a historic moment that changed the lives of 102 gamers.

The NBA 2K League is a professional electronic sports (eSports) league created by 2K Sports in partnership with the NBA. Here’s how it works: Of the 30 actual teams in the NBA, 17 joined forces to create a corresponding eSports team made up of six gamers—one for each position that a regular NBA team has plus an alternate, based on the position they primarily play in NBA 2K18. But how did the gamers get chosen to enter this first-of-its-kind draft? Back in January, the NBA held a combine where 72,000 players participated; this was chiseled down to the 102 players who were selected to enter the draft and become the NBA’s first Professional Gamers.

Reporting by Tamika “Redinfamy” Moultrie

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49 thoughts on “Yes, You Can Actually Make a Living Playing NBA 2K

  1. Shit is going to be boring. I just watched a scrimmage and man was it awful. The announcers were terrible and overall gameplay was not worth sitting and watching for almost an hour. What were they thinking, lol.

  2. Esports has ruined games, after the fuckery 2k pulled this year with the microtransactions and rediculous myplayer stat caps i dont trust 2k, i hope everyone waits for the reviews before buying 2k19

  3. Nearly everyone & their grandma is playing games to get money. All you need is fake reactions & a red arrow in thumbnail pointing at something to get a few bucks.

  4. Dont get me wrong i like 2k but it is not an esport very little strats or skill go into 2k besides positioning it doesnt involve an actual shooting mechanic besides pressing a button and hoping the game alllows the shot overwatch, lol, csgo, brawl,dota, even cod are more of an esport than 2k it literally a arcade game that looks nice

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