YG Blasts American Airlines Over Flight Removal

YG took to Instagram on Monday night to share that he got kicked off an American Airlines flight because he was allegedly drunk, though he denies being intoxicated, calling the airline racist.

“FUCK AMERICAN AIRLINES. RACIST FUCKS & IM SOBER PUSSY’S, YALL RACIST. FUCK ALL YALL @americanair,” he wrote in the caption for the video. In the video, he then detailed what happened, “Aye, fuck American Airlines on Bloods. They kicked me off the plane, they talking about I’m drunk. No, bro, we gone. They kick me off the plane, they said I’m drunk. I’m sober than a motherfucker, racist ass motherfuckers. I’m gone, B,” he said, adding, “Racist ass motherfuckers. I’m suing. Run it up!”

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22 thoughts on “YG Blasts American Airlines Over Flight Removal

  1. I think I can speak for all middle-aged white people when I say we fucking hate useless cunts like "Y G". And we certainly would never allow him on our goddamn airplane if we had any say in the matter. On the other hand, we would pay double to fly with: Denzel, Lil Jon, Halle, Tyra, Oprah, Obama, Kanye, or Thomas Sowell. You see, we love black people, but we hate …

  2. Complex is trash ass news….the dude was drunk…a video, witnesses, and his recording of not was drunks haha….but if a person of color just says racism…complex eats it up…suckas

  3. YG IS RIGHT! RACISTS! some white girls had my sister and her friend kicked out of the cardinals stadium bar by police for talking loudly. they accused them of being drunk and forced them to leave but let them drive home. RACISTS!

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