YG on Dissing 6ix9ine: ‘That Little N***a Playing With Too Much of the Real Sh*t’

We crunched the numbers, and the amount of fucks given during YG’s new The Breakfast Club interview comes to a grand total of zero.

“I need to go to rehab,” YG joked when asked about the therapy talk at the center of “Deeper Than Rap,” a cut off Stay Dangerous. “I drink a lot of tequila.” When Angela Yee said she felt bad about offering him more tequila during the interview, YG explained how the show might better cater to artists. “Y’all should do this show at night time,” he suggested. “Y’all could drop this shit in the morning!”

Watch Open Late here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN_sqFdhQx0&list=PLNE967m3_UeTvZgxvxj7a2gMA_i4iVYUP

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46 thoughts on “YG on Dissing 6ix9ine: ‘That Little N***a Playing With Too Much of the Real Sh*t’

  1. I dont know how yall still listening to a child molesters music still. Keep acting like he didnt admit it himself and then just play it off like he didnt know her age. Thats crazy people stam for some pussy that wants to be tough so bad but always running around with twenty security and never posting up for more than 2 minutes because hes scared.

  2. He talks about "8 for 8" but he only charted in the top 10 once before FeFe and that's because he ft Nicki. The other's didn't even crack the Top 40. And let's not even start with the actual pure sales. Those numbers are a joke. Artists these days live by streaming. Everything counts. no one has to buy music for it to equal a sale. If people only knew the industry, they wouldn't fall for it. @YG can still push albums sales. People are so easily fooled by 69, you'd think he was White House Press Secretary dumb ass nigga smh

  3. Terreyaki 6ix9ine won't respond. He knows better, Terreyaki knows who to play with & who not to. Terreyaki is smart, when he knows he's in a losing battle he reverts to saying, "Why they dissing me for, I'm a young kid & they are adults." We've seen him do it with The Breakfast Club. Terreyaki, little boy, don't play adult games if you not ready for adult smoke….fucking idiot.

  4. cmon YG…its a reason these fake mfs claim blood after they get famous, you gon act like you dont know why??

    you realize niggas never false claim Crip or Hoover "after" they get famous??

    its a reason for that…

  5. I agree with YG, but at the same time, he strikes me as immature as well. Much less in the last year after getting shot, having a daughter, and on the heels of Stay Dangerous’s release than he was when he dropped My Krazy Life, but still.

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