Young Thug: ‘I’m the Drip God, I Created This Sh*t’

The Atlanta rapper claims he paved the way for the new generation of rappers to be themselves: “I made y’all tighten y’all jeans up.”

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50 thoughts on “Young Thug: ‘I’m the Drip God, I Created This Sh*t’

  1. Houston created all this shit yall niggas hear today, from the terminology to the lifestyle to the music y’all listen to now but Atlanta ran off with it and did it a little better

  2. I think when the industry (Complex, XXL etc) try to get involved with this gossipy shit, they instigate misunderstanding and beefs. Is this nigga talkin' about Style? (Clothes and Icy jewelry) or is He talking about the dripping, saucy, spashing shit? Because Slime and Sauce Walka is "bool" right? so why even speak on this shit on some he said he said shit?

  3. As far as all that weird/different/gender-fluid sh*t goes,

    Jimmy Hendrix -> Prince -> Andre 3000 -> Lil' Wayne -> Young Thug -> Everybody else.

    Sorry Thugger, but they BEEN doin' that sh*t…

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