Young Thug Is Now Sex, Lil Yachty On the Clock? R. Kelly Evicted | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, DJ Akademiks, STAR, and Nadeska run through the day of hip-hop news, including breaking down Young Thug’s possible name change, whether or not Lil Yachty is on the clock, and more.

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47 thoughts on “Young Thug Is Now Sex, Lil Yachty On the Clock? R. Kelly Evicted | Everyday Struggle

  1. Look how happy and giggling Nadeska always is when a male is being hurt and attacked.. if its a Female shes so on her defense attacking even verbal assault or crticism.. typical..

  2. …to me tossing a drink has always been a bitch move…..but this nigga star got a point if I toss a drink and u swing I'm free to beat u to the red meat without u trying to bring a nigga to court for that ER bill.

  3. Young thug – Check is immortal, Worth it, Relationships, Best friend, don’t come for the Goat, he’s like the music Van Gogh… when he’s gone you lot will understand his genius💯 #slatt p.s how can you fuck with Yatchy and not thugger 😩 this guy is lost

  4. The show is great, but needs a little adjustment on the way the "news" is reported. Compare it to ESPN talking about sports: nobody should be intimidated by their guest host to the point where they're second-guessing the statement as they are saying it 10:01

    These dudes bickering after they make their main points could be cut down a little more. Make your statement/opinion, then don't start bickering about what the other said…

    Look how awkward it was when they finally made points and didn't bicker immediately: 21:06

  5. lol Ak, I used to carry two 8 oz mickeys into the club just to order cup of ice and water, dump the water fill it with alcohol and sip for a few hours. Cost me $20 for the night while everyone else was dumping hundreds, broke young nigga shit.

  6. Star's telling you why his music sounds the way it does. No bars no lyrical content because it's about fashion first music second. All these mumble rappers have an agenda.

  7. I actually like how direct Star is. Real men say what they mean, and mean what they say no matter how popular the opinion. Industry cats got AK so shook that he just goes along with popular belief, instead of speaking what he really feels.

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