Young Thug Think Lil Nas X Should’ve Never Came Out The Closet

When Young Thug released the cover art for Jeffery, people were quick to criticize him for rocking a dress

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Video Edit: CT (Clifton Tate)

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36 thoughts on “Young Thug Think Lil Nas X Should’ve Never Came Out The Closet

  1. young thug giving first hand help lol, I personally don’t give a dam not about his orientation but his hiding in the closet… and taking so long to tell the listeners the truth was wack , people who in 2019 do not care about that they care about your lack of courage to be who you are .

  2. To speak on it or not is bait for homophobic remarks..but its intetesting what Thug said, because basically its none of your business whether a person is or isnt so coming out now is starting to seem like a bold statement and endless explanations..when you can just be yourself and when people start to speculate and try and find out who dating who, thats when its none of your business..2019 and people still feel like hell is right around the corner for lgbtq, its really sad but lil nas x is probably apart of a new generation that is happy to be themselves and open and dont give a care what no one thinks..( thatll be a great change)

  3. Lmao young thug cross dresses tho he gay too fym 😂😂 you just mad because another gay artist makes songs that are not as gay as yours and gets way more clout than your trash ass music young thug is the rawest purest form of fecies and sewage when it comes to writing meaningful lyrics young thug just needs to go to bed and never wake up 😂

  4. Dude you in a social media world! If a woman or man pose half naked on the gram. It maybe all good or it maybe all bad! You can’t tell ppl how to react. R kelly got great music but when you find out he likes young girls it turns you off. Hey I’m not Christian either some times ppl rock with what I say some people don’t. You have to embrace both sides

  5. I am lgbtq he is so young he has plenty of time to come out I would have made my money I would have focused on making my money and keeping people out of my business I give him credit for having the courage I would have came out later and focused on my coins

  6. this title is clickbait af thugger just trying to protect him from people'e judgement, but he should recognize that it was lil nas x's choice to come out

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