YouTube CEO Explains Why Logan Paul Is Still on Platform

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said some stuff about Paul in front of other people at Recode’s Code Media conference Monday. “We do terminate accounts all the time,” Wojcicki said during the Huntington Beach–set event, CNBC reported. “We do have a three strikes rule, and if somebody violates three times, then we terminate those accounts.”

In the case of Paul, Wojcicki added, those violations have not occurred. “He hasn’t done anything that would cause those three strikes,” she said Monday. “So we can’t just be pulling people off of our platform… They need to violate a policy and we need to have consistent behavior.”

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47 thoughts on “YouTube CEO Explains Why Logan Paul Is Still on Platform

  1. Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me and favoritism. But what you going to do? At the end of the day exceptions are made for those they want to make exceptions for. The "censorship blah blah" fuu fuu bullshit is just an excuse for the actions. Just stand behind your bullshit

  2. Yeah did they really not fucking know this? Before the whole suicide forest thing, he’s been this way since day one, how the fuck is YouTube not cared to look at this before? He’s been desecrating sacred areas and breaking laws since the beginning.

  3. People are losing their accounts for less. Youtube is on bullshit. They shut accounts down because they want to but make acceptions for a guy who literally posted a dead body. Its all about money I guess

  4. OMG!!!!!! Leave the guy alone. He fucked up, ok, he said sorry, he spoke to suicide ppl , he gave money, move on , this is old news. If it was a person that wasn’t making so much money , no one would care. Haters just found a reason to destroy him and that pathetic. Move on , go get laid or something. Peace ✌️

  5. " He hasnt done anything that would cause those three strikes, so we cant just be pulling people off of our platform… They need to violate a policy." So why the fuck is Koi Fresco, Psyched Substance, and Dakota Wint getting hit with strikes? Youtube obviously dont care about their platform.. Its all about money. When we gonna migrate to an alternate website?

  6. stfu. Theyre keeping him on because the amount of sibs he has. Youtube always has and always will show bias to massive accounts. If it were someone with less than 100k subs and the media covered it their account would be banned immediately.

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