YouTube Suspends Ads From Logan Paul’s Channel After Dead Rat Clip

Due to Logan Pauls “recent pattern of behavior,” YouTube temporarily suspended ads from the vlogger’s channel.

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41 thoughts on “YouTube Suspends Ads From Logan Paul’s Channel After Dead Rat Clip

  1. LoGang Squad: He tazed dead rats, so?

    Peta and supporters: YOU BASTARD!!!

    Us and non Logan Paul supporters: Well, so much hate at the dead body incident… I never like rats roaming around leaving their nibbles and shit at my house, and give people diseases too! But I'll watch their reaction about this😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Oversensitive bitches, I agree making fun of a dead human being is disrespectful and plain wrong but the whole rant going on against his rat video is just pathethic.

  3. People that don't know why this is serious are like MAN IT'S JUST A DEAD RAT WHO CARES

    But isn't about the dead rat, is about the type of content and images they show to LITTLE CHILDREN.

    I mean, let's say Logan it's your idol and you are about 7 years old, and you see your idol teazing a dead animal,

    yeah… not best example for kiddos, boi

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