Yung Berg: You May Not Like Me, But You Love My Music – Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s Yung Berg, costar Masika Kalysha, and Supreme Team promoter Sincere sat down with VladTV to discuss their roles on the hit VH1 franchise and how they stay relevant in a game with so much competition.

The trio agreed that seeing themselves on camera is nothing new, but to see other people that they interact with speaking about them or coming across differently than they are in person is weird, often resulting in the cast having the same reactions to various footage as viewers at home.

Berg then spoke on his recent success, writing and producing for such artists as Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Game and of course good friend and co-star Ray-J. Berg also said that while he still gets hate from his past, he’s not worried because he knows his contributions to the game.

Check out the interview above.


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