Here’s When Kylie Jenner May Finally Reveal Pregnancy

Ever since reports of Kylie Jenner being pregnant surfaced last September, the conspiracy theories have gotten out of hand. Some thought that Kylie was the surrogate for Kim Kardashian’s third child—Chicago West, who was born earlier this month—or that there was no surrogate at all, and Kim was using the surrogate as a way to cover up Kylie’s pregnancy. People basically thought Kim would keep Kylie’s child.

According to Just Jared, the newest theory surrounding Kylie comes from Wikipedia: fans think Kylie will be announcing her pregnancy soon on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The list of episode names for the rest of season 14 have been published on the site and the last episode, which airs on Feb. 25, is titled, “We’re Expecting!” If you follow the show, you already know Kim and Khloé​ Kardashian have disclosed their pregnancies this season. Kardashian enthusiasts have deduced that that must mean Kylie is will be unveiling her pregnancy as well.

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48 thoughts on “Here’s When Kylie Jenner May Finally Reveal Pregnancy

  1. I saw kylie outside her hidden hills home walking from her car the the house back in December and she look a little extra thicc 👀👀

  2. Yo wtf! Why is America or anywhere for that matter so concerned about that whole family all the time. A bunch of privileged white chicks chasing after rich black men with status. Show should be called Trappin With The Kardashians

  3. Who cares about this bus stop thot and her bastard baby she goes from one rapper to the next since she was 15 or 16 years old not even married to Travis and got pregnant at 19 and you keep putting up this trash story of this loose girl like she matters at least Kim Kardashian got married first before she birth her kids, she must take after Khloe and Kourtney get pregnant without getting married, where is the Mother in all this, where is the moral of teaching your female keep your legs closed until your sure he's the one to get married to have kids all you single moms out there why are you quick to have sex but not wear a Jimmy hat or Morning pills, damn this world sucks!

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