Sam Smith Gets CANDID About Extremely Difficult Year!

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After a very challenging year, Sam Smith is stronger than ever and is offering some words of wisdom to help others get through heavy times.

What’s up? It’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and Sam Smith just got candid on Instagram about his mental health and shared what has helped him make it through a tough year.

He shared this photo that says “I am enough” and wrote a long caption that said quote, “Looking back on a year and a half of therapy and what has been probably the most challenging time of my short 27 years here. I’ve watched and read so much over the last 6 months to try and make sense of all the mess in my head.”

But Sam learned it’s ok not to be able to make sense of everything. Instead, he turned to Brene Brown and her words “I am enough” for guidance.

Sam continued in his caption and said quote, “I’m slowly starting to realise that the words above are the only words that really matter….and they are the words of the incredible @brenebrown …. ‘You are enough.’ That mess in your mind is not a mess. It is who you are. By constantly trying to change and seek perfection and a life of no pain only causes more pain I am realising.”

Sam added that he hopes his words can comfort his fans and he is encouraging us to start and end our day with the mantra, “You are enough.”

Clearly this is something I will get behind.

And celebs are loving Sam’s vulnerability too.

Liam Payne wrote quote, “Stay strong man your doing all the right things … sometimes the questions in our heads don’t have answers and that’s ok we have a lifetime to find them ❤️”

And model Tess Holliday chimed in and said quote, “Thank you for sharing, you are so loved”

And celebrity photographer Taylor Miller wrote quote, “This is so beautiful and so relatable @samsmith 💖 really needed this today.”

And Sam’s vulnerability really can help so many people. Every day takes work for all of us, but, as Sam noted, he is willing to commit to himself, which we all have to do.

But I want to know what you guys think of Sam’s post.

Do you like when celebs open up about their mental health on social media? And what do you think of the “I am enough” mantra?

Share your thoughts down in the comments below.

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