Why Shannon Sharpe Was ‘Disappointed in Michael Jordan’s Response’ to Trump’s Tweet

President Donald Trump’s Twitter fingers caused a ruckus in the sports world last week when he chastised LeBron James and said, “I like Mike!”

Afterward, Michael Jordan had LeBron’s back…

…but his response wasn’t sufficient in Shannon Sharpe’s eyes. The Undisputed co-host criticized MJ Monday for not mentioning Trump by name in his statement. Sharpe also didn’t think the statement was harsh enough.

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33 thoughts on “Why Shannon Sharpe Was ‘Disappointed in Michael Jordan’s Response’ to Trump’s Tweet

  1. Michael jordan has always been cold and mean why are people so surprised the man is a legit psychopath it's like he not even a real person he doesn't feel anything unless he's winning at something ,his sneakers doing numbers ,or north Carolina winning lol people should not be looking to him for any social leadership just praise the man for his contributions to the game of basketball and that's it. If u want leadership or inspriration look to Louis Farrakhan

  2. I don't recall Shannon going to protest rallies during the Rodney King Trail or the Travon Martin trial, it's obvious Shannon is still salty at Mike for snubbing him at the elevator back in 93

  3. Watching videos about the debate of who is the GOAT and shannon debating with the NBA players who acknowledge MJ being the GOAT makes me think shannon should be slapped with hot flat iron in the face.

  4. Shannon hates jordan, that's the fact. He blindedly worship lebron being hte GOAT. MJ is the GOAT. Ask every NBA fans around the world and you will be enlightened. This show is not for you, it's like you are being paid just to comment for LJ.

  5. Shannon is a Uncle Tom so is Lebron at least Jordan doesn't worship white people let's be real people worship Jordan he doesn't worship no one but that money as for Shannon and Lebron they stay dick riding white people and then criticize them

  6. Shannon is one of the most genuine, and authentic spokesman on a national platform! He does a great service for minorities and the common folk who don't get to voice their positions! I like Mike too, basketball wise, not his social or political stances when it comes to "his base" – being an African American first and cognizant of the systemic racism in this country! His measured, ambiguous and vague second hand comments are just not enough in this Trump White House era!!

  7. Yes we can agree mike off the court isn’t doing much he his protecting his brand and even his statement came from a spoke person history has it time and things will be written mike on the court is great you can argue if he was the greatest but off the court on social issues he is a business man and only cares about the bottom line he has chosen his side to stand on and others will choose their side

  8. I never saw a man who has wealth and power, but possess such cowardness the inability to stand for what's right but keeps quiet while the his people are being slaughtered as Michael coward Jordan. Fuck pathetic

  9. michael will always dissapoint in the political arena. greatly disappointed African Americans and other minorities…he’s fierce on the court, but a coward in the political arena…the sell out mentality of Mike in terms of supporting whoever the current people in power are in America, basically rich white people by and large, shows in his lack of denouncing any inequalities, any racist rhetoric from people in the public eye, and any racially motivated injustices. all mike cares about is that his own wealth is secure. i love mike the player, but not in love with him as a human being

  10. I REMEMBER meeting MJ back in the day; AT Joi'Z's in Arlington Texas. He came through the club with everyone on the team. I saw them coming across the parking lot as I entered the front door. I turned around, ran and got my basketball out of the trunk of my car, and waited at the door with my magic marker. I asked each for a signature…they were either indifferent or down right rude…no matter….I saw MJ arrive. The owner of the club knew me, and his wife was standing next to me as MJ walked up. I asked for an autograph…chance of a lifetime, right? An education too. MJ asked me, "….DID ANY OF THE OTHER GUYS GIVE YOU AN AUTOGRAPH?" I said, " No." He asked me, " why not? " I said,
    "…APPARENTLY SIR, NONE OF THEM HAVE ANY CLASS AT ALL…" Everyone at the door started laughing and one of the previous team members heard what I said. We made eye contact and I did NOT back down. The owner's wife stepped between us, as she told MJ, " Hey, you better go ahead and give him an autograph, there are not that many people left on earth who will tell you the truth to your face like that…" Everybody EXPLODED with laughter when she said that, and it stopped an altercation…and He gave me the autograph but…it opened my eyes about MJ and his posse'. Damn…MJ is STILL….MJ….!

  11. Yes that's RIGHT. Republicans wear shoes too! You bunch of low IQ allergic to thinking dummies. Michael Jordan's response was perfect! Why add to the divisions that the media is instilling and ruin a legendary legacy. Everything doesn't need to be politicised. I LIKE MIKE!

  12. Michael Jordan mind his own business when Michael Jordan was in the NBA he fought his fights he never let no one fight his fights because of his competitiveness now LeBron James wants Michael Jordan or I guess people wants Michael Jordan to defend this guy hell no he has or people has to defend themselves it's not about michael.jordan bailing everybody out and because of his competitiveness he don't even have to talk to anyone so he won't help him or anybody because he don't have to now if you see Michael Jordan's career from the beginning everybody respected him even Donald Trump, Michael Jordan always being a person that you either respect or respect he has such a personality that everybody likes and that everybody respects he is a guy that fought Wars every time he never back down from anyone I think LeBron has to do the same thing, Michael Jordan don't have to babysit anyone

  13. Shannon Sharpe thinks because young blacks see Rolexes & Mercedes & they want them that its OK TO ROB OTHERS for them luxuries !!! How fucking delusional / racist can you be ???!!!

  14. Shannon just running his mouth cause he getting paid to, publicly to tear down another black cause you're not getting your feelings appeased.😢😭 disappointed in you, clown. Pick up the phone and call that man or address him face to face, Social media coward.

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