The Success of ‘God’s Plan’ Has Helped Drake Break a New Record

Drake has reached another milestone in his career. According to Billboard, “God’s Plan,” which had one of the most genuinely exciting music videos of the year, just wrapped up its 10th week on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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47 thoughts on “The Success of ‘God’s Plan’ Has Helped Drake Break a New Record

  1. Good song but he stole the beat, I can’t believe comple was exposing him last week, when they got payed they took off the video from their channel. If u call me a hater, I am the hater😈😈

  2. Personally, I find most of the song to be trash except for a line or two. I dont understand why this song in particular is so popular, especially considering Drake having many better songs.

  3. Fake Drake's a bitch made pop puppet who recites songs written by ghostwriters. When it comes to rhymes don't steal or take, be original..don't duplicate.

  4. Someone should make a YouTube channel that is parody of complex called simplicity. The videos should be even shorts and just have emily Oberg stare at the camera

  5. Congratulations to his Royal Highness!! it's only fitting that the song and the video went perfectly hand in hand. We are already in April and it has truly set the tone for 2018, And come December its safe to say it can do no worse than be in a tie with anything else that might follow. It has already capture 2018 in my eyes and the message couldn't have been better.

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